House Hunting on the Web

So, you decided to buy a home or sell the home you already own. Naturally, you check out the internet and inform yourself before talking to a real estate professional to be sure you are informed about this process. That’s wonderful after all, so many people are so willing to share their ‘expertise’ and information how to buy or sell a home, who sold what for how much and when etc. etc. .

Numerous sites and in particular the ‘Z” site are easy to maneuver and heck, they have all the information a buyer or seller needs to start the selling or buying process. All you have to do now call an agent and have him/her show you the home you already picked out. You even know how much you will offer or list for if you are a seller based on the readily available data from the trusted sites you were able to visit and gather your research data.

Heck, with all this information and armed to the teeth you probably wonder what you need this agent for you could handle the paperwork and the the negotiations if you could only talk to that seller yourself. Or you could sell your home as FSBO since you  know exactly what the neighborhood has been selling for.

Well, not so fast….and I know you are saying;  ‘come on here agent you are bringing up all these reasons why use a REALTOR’ yadee-yadee-yadee.  No, I am not but what I am saying is, the internet and the many real estate sites are a great starting point and yes, it is good to be informed ahead of time about the process, the market, the agents and brokerages. But, when the time comes and you identified a good agent to represent you be sure to trust the agent. This agent’s experience and applied knowledge throughout the years is the most valuable asset to you while shopping for a home or selling your home.

In contrast to the sites offering free and willing unreliable real estate statistics and data your agent has the real McCoy when it comes to information.

You may have had an experience previously where the agent did not provide valuable information,  I get that,  it is very frustrating and makes you wonder what did I hire that agent for. I highly recommend meeting with an agent prior to working together and ask as many questions, ask the questions that you are searching to find on the internet and if you found many of the answers on the internet already even better than you can compare the answers and question the agent  why a particular question answered completely different or not addressed at all. Once you had this conversation and are satisfied  a mutual respect and trust will be forged and the working relationship will be fruitful. Remember, the agent is on your side and works for you.

The continued education and daily encounters in the real estate world arms an agent with the knowledge and support you need throughout the process.

Just recently I attended a class and while it took valuable time out of my busy schedule I learned something new and was astounded that out of 90+ agents in the room, none were aware of this crucial factor so important to a buyer or when listing a home that it can prevent a buyer from spending thousands of dollars to rectify this problem An trust me it is a common problem overlooked practically daily.

So, you may have read similar blogs and think this is just another agent making a case for her existence. Yes it is indeed the case I believe strongly in serving my clients well and giving highest priority to their needs and make them aware of as many stepping stones along the way to prevent them from tripping.

How did you go about buying or selling your home I would love to know and what did you like or dislike how you were represented?

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